Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day 1- First day with Mama Mary

Two clueless amigos from The Citadel have successfully reunited again in Madrid, Spain to live with a Spanish host family and further our education in Spanish. My host mom's name is Mary and she lives few minutes away from Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, which is home of Real Madrid soccer team. When I first met Mary, she had trouble pronouncing my name so she decided to just simply call me "Pepe". So now, people call me Pepe here in Spain. 
Approximately 44 students from The Citadel will be taking two classes from Estudio Sampere and live with our own spanish host families to emerge ourselves into spaniard culture.
Spain has always been my #1 favorite country to visit solely because of the fact that soccer is extremely popular in Spain. I was fortunate to arrive here few days earlier and see Christiano Ronaldo and his crew in Puerta del Sol, Madrid and attend victory party in Santiago Bernabeu stadium to celebrate their 11th Champions League trophies. Every morning when I wake up to go to school, I pass by the Real Madrid Stadium and get butterflies in my stomach. 

-Sungho Park
1 June 2016

- Real Madrid Stadium

-Palacio Real de Madrid

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